Interview with Chris McCoy of Safely Endangered


Chris McCoy is the creator of Safely Endangered, a hilariously dark webcomic about life, death and geek culture. Safely Endangered uses satire to poke fun at everything from dating culture to homophobia. I talked with Chris about his comic influences, video game favorites and his other projects.

Ryan: Your comics are so funny. What would you say are any comedic shows that have impacted you?

Chris: I grew up watching American cartoons like The Simpsons and Futurama, as well as classic British sitcoms like Faulty Towers and Only Fools & Horses. I think both styles of humor have probably influenced my comics more than I realize.

Ryan: You have a lot of video game references in your comics. What are some of your all time favorite video games?

Chris: I was an avid Nintendo fanboy as a child. I played through most major games on the 64, Gamecube and Gameboy. As much as I love the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario games, the amount of time I have sunk into the Pokemon series must be staggering. Pokemon Red/Blue is my all time favorite game.


Ryan: If you could draw for a major Marvel or DC comic, which book would you want to work on?

Chris: Probably Batman. I like the grittiness and darkness of the series, especially the streets of Gotham City. Also, The Joker is one of the best villains ever written.

Ryan: What are some of your favorite comics that you’re reading right now?

Chris: I’m currently reading Watchmen and The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil. I also read a bunch of webcomics. A few favorites of mine are Extra Fabulous Comics, Deathbulge and Owl Turd. In fact, if you check the about page on my website, you can find a comprehensive list of all the webcomics I love reading!

Ryan: Are you working on any other projects besides Safely Endangered?

Chris: I’m currently exploring the art of animation. I feel it’s a natural progression from drawing comics and it’s something I’d like to get more involved with.

Ryan: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Chris: Hey nerds!

You can find Safely Endangered at Chris’ website.

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