Interview With Mrs. Kasha Davis


Mrs. Kasha Davis made the world laugh this past season on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Rochester, NY queen filled the challenges with humor and brought class to the runway. Her catch phrase “There’s always time for a cocktail” has been all over social media. She just released a single and is touring a one-woman show. I talked with Mrs. Kasha Davis about her life after the show, her favorite spots in Rochester and boxed wine.

Ryan: I grew up outside Rochester, NY. It was so great seeing another Western NY girl on this season. What has been your favorite thing about the Drag Race experience or aftermath so far?

MKD: I love Rochester. As I’ve said there’s something in the water, first Pandora Boxx then Darienne Lake and now Mrs. Kasha Davis. Woo hoo. I grew up in Scranton PA so moving here in 1999 was truly a dream come true in that this city (and suburbs) have so much to offer with culture and community. My favorite thing about being on Drag Race is this right here and now. The opportunity has pushed me to be Mrs. Kasha Davis full time and Drag Race has provided me a platform for which I am now jumping off by means of interviews, travel, and performing off Broadway with my one-woman show There’s Always Time For A Cocktail and I’m so grateful to have this experience.

Drag race producers and other former contestants have been very supportive with advice with regard to “what’s next” and the answer is always the same. It’s all about what you do with the opportunity. I have forced myself to become more interactive on social media and it’s so exciting to communicate with fans all over the world! Check out my Youtube channel and you’ll see how I actually tweeted my cell phone number…good lord. There really is no greater gift for a drag queen than to have been given the opportunity to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race. There are now 101 queens who have been on and let me tell you something: the competition is far from over, it’s just begun!

Ryan: If you could have changed one thing about your time on the show, what would it be?

MKD: My answer is always the same for this one. I am very pleased with how I am portrayed. I have no strong belief in regrets in life but that being said I would have treated it more like a competition vs a “show”. I’m so damn supportive of other people that I don’t like to “play the game”.

Ryan: Who was your favorite girl on your season of Drag Race to work with?

MKD: Tempest DuJour is my favorite from the season. We truly click in that we are campy old school drag and we are putting a show together to take on the road with a working title of “Seasoned Queens”. We have toured together for Drag Race and other events and we enjoy a nice dinner at a nice restaurant like ladies. Some of the other girls go to Taco Bell.

Ryan: What restaurant in Rochester would you take Mr. Kasha Davis to on date night?

MKD: Gosh there are so many favorites. Edibles is fab! Perlos in East Rochester is a staple! Black and Blue is so damn consistent.


Ryan: If you could have your own brand of boxed wine, what would it be called?

MKD: Suburban Warrior Juice. There’s always time for a cocktail. Cocktail is available on iTunes for your listening pleasure [Ching]

Ryan: What is your all time favorite song to lip-synch?

MKD: Liza Minnelli ‘NY NY’ or Tina Turner ‘Proud Mary’.

Ryan: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

MKD: Well what can I say but thank you to all twelve of you. Seriously…a performer is nothing without being grateful to those that support us. I’d be lip syncing in my basement alone without you and for that my husband is very grateful. This journey has been quite the roller coaster ride as I have auditioned all 7 seasons and finally did it! I hope that my story is one of persistence and gratitude and can serve as an example that dreams really can come true and to never, ever give up.

More info on Mrs. Kasha Davis can be found at her website. She can also be seen in her show There’s Always Time For A Cocktail July 9th at the Laurie Beeckman Theatre in NYC and August 1st at JCC in Rochester NY.

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