Interview with Tempest DuJour


Tempest Dujour was one of the 14 lucky girls picked to be on season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. While she was the first girl to go home, her sense of humor and larger than life personality left a big impression on audiences. Tempest has been hosting her popular Retro Game Show Night in her home city of Tucson, AZ as well as traveling the US with her drag. I talked to Tempest about her touching moments on the show, her fashion and who would play her in a drag biopic.

Ryan: What has been your favorite thing about the post RuPaul’s Drag Race experience?

Tempest: The best part has been traveling and meeting drag fans all over the country. People are so kind and generous and like I always say at my show; “There is no us without you”. Drag Race has opened so many wonderful doors and besides the bookings, the opportunity to connect with others who have shared my struggles with weight, or reparative therapy, or being a father has been very special for me. If what I have to offer is bigger then just drag then I have really succeeded.

Ryan: On the Conjoined Queens episode you discussed your background and going to conversion therapy. Do you have any advice for young LGBT people who may be struggling to accept themselves?

Tempest: Reparative and conversion therapies are hurtful and hateful. There is no proof that they ever have, or can work. So I say run! Run! Run from that bullshit. Coming out to yourself and others is deeply personal and sometimes frightening. But you know my motto: (refer to my lipstick message after elimination…) love yourself, live your truth, and dream! Look, realistically we can’t always expect others to be thrilled when we finally have the courage to acknowledge our own sexuality. It took me years to accept and be comfortable with myself, so I can’t expect my friends and family to be accepting immediately either. Find the people you trust and admire and the most and share your feelings with them in a calm, controlled atmosphere.

Ryan: You slayed at the reunion with your outfit. I assume you made it yourself? What inspired you to want to do that look at the reunion taping?

Tempest: I had created so many fierce looks for the show that were never seen so when it came time for the reunion I wanted to show my abilities as a designer, my sense of humor, and my creativity. I knew all the other girls would be in gowns so to set myself apart I went with a costume look instead. After all, I am a professional costume designer! Like my entrance on the show I wanted to do something memorable.


Ryan: What were your initial reactions when you heard the news about legalizing same sex marriage?

Tempest: Of course I was thrilled and moved to tears when marriage was legalized! When I was young and struggling with my sexuality we feared for ourselves and our well being. I’m from an earlier time when we had to hide and sometimes barely dared to dream of these kinds of rights. People of my generation weren’t sure we were going to see it happen in our lifetime. It’s such a basic human right and it will send ripples throughout the world that will initiate change and acceptance. For those of us with children it’s an essential right for the well being and protection of our families.

Ryan: If Tempest DuJour had her own clothing line/accessory label, what would it be called?

Tempest: I actually have a name for my custom costume line and I suppose it could translate to fashion as well: Vaginasauraus Rex.

Ryan: If you could have any past Drag Race girl play you in a biopic about your life, who would it be?

Tempest: Lol, this is a good question! I’d have to choose either Latrice Royale or Mimi Imfurst. There are qualities of both of these ladies deep inside of me!

Ryan: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Tempest: My fans have been more generous and kind than I ever could have imagined! I am so grateful for the support and love that I have received from all over the world. As I continue to travel throughout the US I look forward to meeting more of the amazing supporters and converting new ones along the way! I sincerely hope to travel soon to Brazil, the U.K., and Australia to meet some of the most amazing supporters that continue to send letters and messages of inspiration and support. All I can say is thank you from the depths of my soul for everything!

More info on Tempest can be found at her website and Facebook.


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