10 Jean Grey Fail GIFs To Brighten Your Day


Jean Grey is the worst. No one likes Jean Grey. She is always having problems with her powers, controlling her emotions or boy troubles. Here are 10 GIFs of Jean Grey failures to make you feel better about yourself:

10) Jean gets nervous around celebrities. One time she dropped a senator.

9) Jean playing limbo with the Danger Room saws.

8) That time Cyclops shot Jean out of the sky.

7) Jean Grey doing her best Little Mermaid impersonation.

6) Nimrod helped Jean redecorate her apartment.

5) Jean Grey loves the 4th of July. In X2, Jean really wanted to see fireworks.

4) Jean had a long day at the office. She needed a nap.

3) The Danger Room still doesn’t like Jean.

2) The entirety of X-Men: The Last Stand.

1) Cords: Jean’s greatest enemy.

Bonus: Emma Frost saving Scott and Jean’s buns like a boss.

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