10 Times Missi Pyle Made Everything Better


Missi Pyle is one of America’s great underrated actresses. She has appeared in over 120 films and television programs like The Sarah Silverman Program, Big Fish, Gone Girl and Warehouse 13. Both a talented dramatic and comedic actress, Missi has an acting range that isn’t shared by many of her contemporaries. Below are 10 times Missi lit up the screen and made all of us laugh:

10) Missi played a cosmetics store owner and possible murderer on Pushing Daisies

9) Sharing her sass and shouting “vagina” on Gay of Thrones

8) Violet Beauregarde’s perfectionist mother in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

7) Missi cooks up turkeys 365 days a year on the Thanksgiving Channel

6) Ms. Pyle as a curious white woman on Soul Plane

5) Galaxy Quest showed us Missi’s hilarious use of alien languages

4) The terrifying Fran from Dodgeball

3) Missi brought the thunder in this fight scene from Bringing Down The House

2) Missi brought the sexy and the messy as hotel owner Charlene in Spring Breakdown

1) Missi steals the scene in this sketch from Inside Amy Schumer

Let us know some of your favorite Missi Pyle moments.


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