Interview with Jonathan Van Ness of Gay of Thrones

Guest Star Bryan Safi (Left), Director/Writer Erin Gibbons (Center), Lead Actor Jonathan Van Ness (Right)

It all started when actor/stylist Jonathan Van Ness was recapping Game of Thrones for writer/director Erin Gibson. She then developed his hilarious recaps into a web series for Funny or Die. In the show Jonathan styles a client’s hair while discussing the past week’s episode of Game of Thrones. The show has featured celebrity guests like Margaret Cho, Missi Pyle and George R.R. Martin himself. I talked with Jonathan about his character, favorite guests and future recaps.

Ryan: I know you and your Gay of Thrones character both share hair styling and yoga. What is the biggest difference between your Gay of Thrones character and yourself (besides the fact that I hope you haven’t been stabbed)?

Jonathan: Really my Gay of Thrones Jonathan are only different in terms of volume. When I do the recaps I go to a place of little to no filter and I turn up the outrageous factor more than I do on the daily.

Ryan: Who was one of your favorite guests on Gay of Thrones?

Jonathan: I’ve had so much fun with everybody who has ever come on the show, but Bryan Safi and Drew Droege were two that made me laugh a lot. But it’s hard to say because as I type that I think of Timothy Simons, Brad Goreski, Margaret Cho, Nicole Byer and D’Arcy Carden so it’s like I love em all. I’m like K. Michelle.

Jonathan with guest Timothy Simons of VEEP

Ryan: I know you guys and gals teased recapping The Walking Dead at the end of last season. Will you be recapping any other shows?

Jonathan: I would love to recap more shows. Fingers crossed everybody!

Ryan: Who is a dream guest you’d like to have in your chair?

Jonathan: I mean Peter Dinklage or Lena Headey. I’d die twice and come back fiercer.

Ryan: What else do you have on the docket acting-wise?

Jonathan: I have a project that’s coming together with Margaret Cho and her amazing team that were shooting this month and will hopefully be out to you guys later on.

Ryan: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Jonathan: It’s still crazy to be asked about “my fans”. I love that story! Just that I’m so grateful for their love, if you see me don’t be shy for a selfie, and I can’t wait to share more stuff with everybody!

You can find Jonathan on his Twitter and Facebook page. You can catch all the Gay of Thrones episodes on Funny or Die.

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