Five Reasons You Need To Watch Jessica Jones


Marvel’s Jessica Jones premieres today on Netflix. The show centers on Jessica as she makes a career as a private detective and tries to leave her superhero days behind her. Based on the MAX Comics (a Marvel imprint) Alias, Jessica Jones is a story about a deeply troubled woman coming to terms with her past and forming a stable future. The show stars Krysten Ritter of B—- in Apartment 23 and Breaking Bad fame. A dark noir tale, Jessica Jones offers up a fresh take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is well worth a viewing. Here are five reasons you need to watch Jessica in action.

1) Jessica Isn’t Your Typical Hero – Jessica Jones doesn’t wear a skin-tight body suit. She doesn’t have laser vision or telepathy. While she does possess super strength and limited flight powers, she doesn’t use her abilities frequently. She doesn’t enjoy the showboating and pageantry of the Avengers. Jessica isn’t really a people person, preferring to keep her only friend Trish aka Hellcat at an arm’s-length. The heroine also struggles with alcohol and self-doubt. Jessica Jones is a far more flawed and relatable character than any Marvel cinematic character to date.

2) The Show Brings the Female-Power– Besides featuring Krysten Ritter as Jessica, the show boasts powerful performances from Rachael Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss. Taylor plays Trish, Jessica’s best friend and confidant. While she doesn’t start off as the warrior Hellcat we know from the comics, it’s very likely she will turn into her own hero as the season progresses. Moss plays Jones’ lawyer who is constantly at odds with the stubborn hero. Both women deliver strong performances that make this show Marvel’s most female-driven yet.

3) It’s a great set-up of Defenders– Not only does the show feature Jessica, it also showcases Luke Cage played by Mike Coulter. This show is the first time two heroes from the upcoming Defenders are together on-screen. Jessica Jones sets the ground work for the quartet of heroes which also includes Daredevil and Iron Fist to come together. Coulter plays a terrific Luke Cage who may or may not use a particularly famous catchphrase.


4) Krysten Ritter– Ritter delivers an outstanding performance as Jessica Jones. She brings the subtly and depth required by the complexity of Jones’ character. Ritter is able to bring the darkness of Jones to light while still adding subtle humorous moments. Marvel’s first lead superheroine is in great hands with Ritter who will reprise the role for Defenders.

5) Darkness– The show, much like Daredevil, is far darker in tone than any of the Marvel films. Thanks in part to David Tennant’s stellar performance as villain Kilgrave, the show is far bleaker than Daredevil. The stakes are high in Jessica’s world and we as viewers get to feel the true peril of the heroes. Every episode is nerve-wracking because unlike films like Iron Man or Captain America, Jessica Jones truly feels like you don’t know when something terrible might happen.

Jessica Jones premieres on November 20th on Netflix.

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