Interview with MUNA


MUNA is one of the most evocative and original pop bands coming out of LA. After meeting at USC, Josette Maskin, Katie Gavin and Naomi McPherson starting playing together and self-released an EP in 2014. They have since signed to RCA, put out the critically acclaimed The Loudspeaker EP and even had their own Spotify Sessions EP. I talked with the girls about signing to a major label, their idols and upcoming album.

Ryan: You self-released More Perfect in 2014, and have since signed to RCA. What was the process of signing to a major label like?

MUNA: It was pretty quick and painless. We knew going in that we wouldn’t sign unless we felt strongly about the team around us, and luckily we do… our A&R guy and everyone at RCA are just so supportive.

Ryan: The Loudspeaker EP is killer! Have you been enjoying the reception to it?

MUNA: Definitely. We are super anxious to release the full length record into the world.

Ryan: Your first two videos are really great. Are you working on a next video? Crosses fingers for “So Special”.

MUNA: Sorry, we might not do “So Special” babe! We do have plans for a video for our next single though…won’t say too much about it yet but we are really excited.

Ryan: If you had one critique of the current popular music scene, what would it be?

MUNA: We truly think the scene is so diverse, expansive and multifaceted that it’s hard to muster a critique. Everyone is doing the best they can and there’s so much good stuff coming out that it’s not worth focusing on the negatives.

MUNA (L-R): Josette Maskin, Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson

Ryan: I think you are all very strong artists for young girls to look up to. Who are some of the role models who helped shape who you are?

MUNA: Imogen Heap, Robyn, Stevie Nicks, Prince, Kate Bush, Bjork, David Byrne…the list goes on an on. We are all so in love with music and art that it’s hard to narrow it down.

Ryan: “Loudspeaker” is such a powerful message track. What is one thing you would say to the kids of today who maybe need their own loudspeaker, who feel suppressed in someway?

MUNA: This is the juice of life, when you are made to want to die and you decide that you will not. You are strong. You are okay. Keep on going.

Ryan: What’s next for the band?

MUNA: We are putting out our first full length record early next year so keep your eyes peeled for that!

You can find more of MUNA on their website and Facebook. Photos by Catie Laffoon.

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