Interview With Ji Nilsson


Ji Nilsson came onto the scene last year thanks to the success of tracks like “Heartbreakfree” and “Encore”. Hailing from Stockholm, Ji’s music is that of an R&B mermaid luring in the masses over dance-inducing electronic beats. Ji sings, writes and produces all her own music. Equally entrancing as her music are Ji’s music videos. The videos for “Heartbreakfree” and “Encore” recall the best parts of 80’s Madonna and Kate Bush music videos. Ji’s recently released her new single “Perfume”, which is a downtempo summer smash. I talked with Ji about the new single, future music and her love of mermaids.

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Interview with Maritza Campos of Power Nap


Power Nap is a hilarious science fiction webcomic about the breakdown of social norms, the daily grind of work and the power of dreams. Maritza Campos is the writer of the webcomic who works alongside the series artist Bachan. Together the two have formed a beautiful, dark and hysterical tale of imagination gone awry. The story follows an overworked man named Drew who signs up for dream experiments at a shady corporate office where he’s employed. I talked with Maritza about the comic’s story, her inspirations and her weirdest dream.

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Interview With Diana Huh


Diana Huh is the author and illustrator of The Lonely Vincent Bellingham, a story about a runaway man who encounters a world of magic and intrigue. She works for Titmouse Inc. as a storyboard artist when not working on her own projects. Diana also recently contributed to the Ladies of Literature Vol. 2 which was successfully funded by Kickstarter. I talked to Diana about her inspirations, her comic and WonderCon.

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Interview with LACES

LacesBlueLacesBlueIMG_8304 copy 2

Jessie Poland a.k.a. LACES has accomplished quite a bit in the past several years. She had a #3 album on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart under her former moniker Charlotte Sometimes. Jessie then appeared on NBC’s The Voice, having all four judges turn around in the blind audition round. Now she is forging a new path under the name LACES. This new project is a way for Jessie to work freely with unique DJs and producers to create engaging electronic-infused pop. I talked with Jessie about the new project, her lead single and her time on The Voice.

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Interview with Melanchloé

paint in room

Chloé Pourmorady, known on stage as Melanchloé, is a multi-talented violinist, vocalist and songwriter. The LA-based artist has been making waves on local radio and on SoundCloud. We featured her as one of our Top 50 Songs of 2014. She infuses her Persian-American roots into a uniquely heady music that is all her own. She has all the power of Fiona Apple with the intricacies and allure of Kate Bush. I chatted with Chloé about her influences, new music and her upcoming shows.

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Interview with Melanie Gillman of As The Crow Flies


Melanie Gillman is the accomplished writer and illustrator of As The Crow Flies along with many other works (Melanie has a graphic novel about lesbians, swing-dancing, and vampires). As The Crow Flies is about a 13-year-old queer African-American girl, named Charlie, who ends up at an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp. Charlie’s tale of discovery, identity and teenage anxiety is told through Melanie’s gorgeous colored pencil drawings. I talked to Melanie about the comic’s inspiration, art style and future projects.

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Interview with Bell of Always Raining Here


Always Raining Here is a webcomic about two lovesick and confused teenage boys growing up in British Columbia. The comic, by two talented ladies, is written by Bell and illustrated by Hazel. The main characters Adrian and Carter experience unrequited love and self-discovery amidst a host of geek culture references and painterly artwork. Always Raining Here was nominated for Best Webcomic by IGN in 2014. I talked with Bell about the comic’s conception, funny fan comments and the comic’s future.

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Interview with Sarah Bitely of Pimpkillah


Sarah Bitely is the creator of Pimpkillah. It’s a comic about Sloane Stone, a woman who descends into a dark world of crime to avenge her sister who was nearly beaten to death by a pimp. Pimpkillah is a gritty revenge tale filled with betrayal, guns and pimp slapping. Sarah talked to me about her inspirations, showing the comic at Cons and the future of Pimpkillah.

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