Interview with Bell of Always Raining Here


Always Raining Here is a webcomic about two lovesick and confused teenage boys growing up in British Columbia. The comic, by two talented ladies, is written by Bell and illustrated by Hazel. The main characters Adrian and Carter experience unrequited love and self-discovery amidst a host of geek culture references and painterly artwork. Always Raining Here was nominated for Best Webcomic by IGN in 2014. I talked with Bell about the comic’s conception, funny fan comments and the comic’s future.

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What I Want To See In The New Marvel Universe


Marvel recently announced that it will be ending it’s current universe starting with the upcoming event Secret Wars. They haven’t been exactly clear on the extent of the of the reboot after the event but it sounds like a combination refresh/reboot will be taking place. I thought it would be a fine time to make a list of things I would like to see in a new Marvel Universe. Here is a list of ten things I want:

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Interview with Sarah Bitely of Pimpkillah


Sarah Bitely is the creator of Pimpkillah. It’s a comic about Sloane Stone, a woman who descends into a dark world of crime to avenge her sister who was nearly beaten to death by a pimp. Pimpkillah is a gritty revenge tale filled with betrayal, guns and pimp slapping. Sarah talked to me about her inspirations, showing the comic at Cons and the future of Pimpkillah.

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